It is no secret that the most enriched and happy dogs are the ones eating the healthiest diets. For most dogs, this means a diet that is high in protein and low in grain-based carbohydrates. A lot of dogs have allergies to grain, and so may appear “fussy” around mealtimes, when the food is actually putting them into a state of gastric distress! 

As more scientific research on canine wellbeing has emerged, it has become ever more popular to “raw feed” dogs. This means giving them a diet consisting mainly of raw meat and vegetables, to ensure that they are in peak health. However, raw-feeding is not without its pitfalls: some meat prepared for human consumption may be processed in a way which could irritate a dog; An owner putting together their dog’s meal plan may not know the precise proportions of different food groups to feed it, and therefore end up actually giving it an unbalanced diet; and third, there is a logistic pitfall of storing the raw food in a way that avoids cross-contamination, mess, and hassle. In steps 80/20 dog food!

Our 80/20 dog food is a high meat content based kibble, gently steamed at 90 degrees, consisting of 80% meat, and 20% fruits and vegetables, which has lots of the health benefits of raw diets. Your dog will be getting tonnes of meaty goodness, and none of the unhealthy grain-fillers found in some brands. As well as that, however, our team of experienced nutritionists have ensured that the formulas in our products are perfectly nutritionally balanced. They are also easy to store, and far more cost-effective. The absence of grain in our 80/20 dog kibble ensures that dogs with intolerances and sensitivities will be able to eat it, and love it. Over 95% of “fussy” pooches have loved our food! 

Our 80/20 dog food comes in three flavours, including chicken, turkey and fish; duck, pork, turkey and beef; and fish. Each flavour is made with roughly 60% freshly prepared ingredients and they are supplemented by sweet potatoes, peas, chickpeas, seaweed, apple, among other fruits and vegetables. Grain-free, and hypo-allergenic, you will also be reducing the risk of skin irritation, blockages, colitis and diarrhea. This will ensure that your dog is happy, well-fed and as healthy as possible. 

If you are unsure of whether the 80/20 diet is right for your dog, don’t be afraid to consult a vet for advice.