Ringo’s Road to Crufts

This is Ringo. He is an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog and a full time member of the Edmondson’s HQ office staff. Last week he made his debut at the biggest dog show in the world – Crufts. Show winning runs in Ringo’s blood, as his father and siblings all have strong track records […]

How to Make Dog Friendly Pancakes

Everybody loves Pancake Day! We can come up with all kinds of crazy topping combinations and they’re loads of fun to make, whether the pancakes end up on a plate or on the ceiling! But did you know that your dog can join in with these sweet treats too? It’s important to be careful with […]

Puppy Love – The Many Ways Dogs Can Show Affection to Humans

Valentine’s Day has just been and gone, so we thought we’d take a look at the special relationship between humans and “man’s best friend”. Canines and humans have been closely linked for thousands of years, as far back as the age of hunter-gatherers, before farming even existed! Dogs were the first species to become domesticated, […]

Thing To Consider Before You Adopt a Dog This Christmas

Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do for everyone. Bringing a pet into your home will always present new challenges and obstacles, even more so with adoption. There are many wonderful benefits to adopting a dog, giving an older pet a new […]

Household Items That Are Toxic to Your Dog

As much as we often treat our dogs like they are human members of our family, it’s worth remembering that there’s some crucial differences – especially when it comes to the household items that are toxic to your canine friend.  Most people, whether they’re pet parents or not, are aware that dogs cannot eat some […]

Why Do Puppies Need Different Food to Adult Dogs?

Just like us humans, for every different stage of their life your pet will require different levels of nutrition and care. Growing pups, like growing babies, need more nourishment to help their body cope with their rapid growth.  Each type of dog food is designed with different goals in mind, for the different age stages […]

How to Stay Safe While Walking Your Dog At Night

It’s officially autumn and the nights are already getting darker. The fear of our dogs overheating or burning their paws on hot tarmac is now behind us for another year, but that fear is replaced by another concern – the safety of you and your dog when walking at nighttime.  Taking your dog out for […]

How to Know if Your Dog Needs Senior Dog Food

Nobody likes to admit that they are getting old. Least of all, their pets. It’s understandable, in what feels like a short period of time, you have watched your dog go from bouncing, stumbling puppy to a brisk, healthy adult.  Dogs in their autumnal years live just as rich, fulfilling and happy lives as puppies. […]

The best quality of life for your senior dog

One of the saddest facts of dog-ownership is their short lifespans. With dogs generally not living past 15, and having an average lifespan of 12, caring for them as they reach their golden years is an unavoidable fact of loving them. 

Dealing with anxious or reactive dogs

A reactive dog can cause both embarrassment to the owner and also danger to their surroundings. Reactive can mean that your dog may start lunging towards whatever they feel threatened by, they may snap, bite, bark or growl.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health

Smelly breath isn’t – and shouldn’t be – commonplace for your dog. Although it’s unlikely that their breath will ever be a particularly pleasant smell, like any living creature, if it smells actively terrible, then something is wrong. 

Top Five Dog Walking Ideas For the End of Lockdown

In our positions as doggy care-givers, we are responsible for ensuring that their diets are both satisfying and healthy: This means feeding them high-quality food. After all, if you ate the same thing three times a day, every day of your life, you’d want it to be something delicious and healthy too.