Top Five Dog Walking Ideas for the End of Lockdown 

It’s been a gruelling year of lockdowns and social isolation. Now, for the third (and hopefully final) time, the UK is entering its hopeful roadmap out of lockdown. As of April 12th, pub gardens were allowed to open, and people can meet in groups of six, as long as they are outdoors. 

Although we’ve been allowed out to exercise, the rules have probably meant some pretty same walks. For those who love adventuring and exploring with their dogs, it’s time to start thinking of exciting dog walk ideas again, just as the sun is beginning to come back. 

  1. Pick a Spot on the Map

Using an OS map of your local area, find a place you’ve never been before. Does it have a funny place name? A historically significant monument? Are there rumours of ghosts? It doesn’t matter – as long as it captures your intrigue, you should head there with your dog.

The beauty of something like this is you won’t know what to expect. It’s a great way of breaking your old routine and trying something new. You might not love every place you try, but you may find new haunts for you and your dog.   

  1. Follow a River 

Rivers are mysterious places. They travel from the mountains to the sea. Following the course of a river can be incredibly soothing: Just lose yourself in the sound of flowing water. There are lots of riverside paths in the UK that you can explore with your dog. If you’re feeling brave, you can even go for a dip! 

  1. Find a Woodland 

Whether you live in the countryside or a town, there will likely be areas of woodland. In rural areas, you can try following those elusive signs that point to “woodland” and have an explore. Dogs love it in the woods because of all the sticks! 

The woodland is also a fantastic place to go and unwind in nature. Listen to the birds, the wind rustling the leaves and watch the bluebells grow over the next couple of weeks. 

  1. Dog friends meet up 

With the rule of six now in effect, call up some of your friends and meet them for a socially distanced walk! If they have dogs too, it will be great playtime for your dog. As dogs are highly social creatures, regular interactions with other humans and animals are important. 

You can even bring along some dog food and make it a doggy lunch date!

  1. A Day at the Beach

As the weather starts to warm up, why not visit the seaside? If you don’t live at the seaside, you can make a day of it! Pack some lunch, and some dog food, and head to the beach. Your dog will have an amazing time bouncing around in the waves, making friends with all the fish. 

The sea air is also really healthy, and being in that environment will do wonders for clearing out the cobwebs from your brain. 

Wherever you go on your walk, make sure you give your dog a healthy and delicious meal of dog food. Good food means your dog will live longer, happier and healthier. 

Also, remember to clean up after yourselves: Don’t leave litter or dog poo bags around the countryside!