Small-breed dogs are sky-rocketing in popularity in the UK. With a highly urbanised population, who tend to have smaller living spaces, often in rented or temporary properties, we are seeing an increase in smaller, and easier to transport, pups. In 2012, small-breed dogs made up 48% of all dogs in the UK. This increased to 55% by 2017: Where previously the Labrador was Britain’s most popular pet dog, that spot now belongs to the French Bulldog. 

What does this mean?

Most obviously, a Chihuahua will be eating significantly less than a Great Dane. Small-breed dogs require a lot less food. However, owning a small dog does not mean you should simply feed it a smaller portion of food of the same food you would give to your big dog! The dietary needs of a smaller dog are more complex than that. In order to understand what they should eat, we must first think about their anatomy. 

Smaller dogs mean smaller mouths and stomachs, and higher surface areas. This means that not only will your dog require a smaller kibble size, due to larger pieces being a choking hazard, but due to their larger surface areas, they have higher metabolic rates than large dogs: this means they burn calories a lot faster. Their food should therefore be denser in both calories and nutrients. Due to their small stomachs meaning they can’t eat large portions, it is important that they are fed specially formulated dog food that hits all of their requirements, even with the smaller portions. This way, your pet will feel satisfied and happy after their meals, and minimise their risks of indigestion, choking and malnourishment.  

How can we help?

Our Grain-Free Small Breed dog food recipes have been specially formulated with a higher level of protein and fat compared to our standard adult recipes. This will ensure that the calorific needs of your dog are catered to, even with the necessary smaller portion sizes. 

Our recipes are freshly prepared, high quality and highly digestible. High digestibility is especially important for small-breeds to ensure ease of digestion in their tiny tummies. And of course, all recipes have a smaller kibble size to keep small mouths happy. In fact, our high meat small breed dog food is perfect for even the fussiest of dogs: Did you know that 95% of dogs, who won’t eat anything else, will love this? It’s definitely hard to blame them, with our three amazing, hypoallergenic flavours.