In our positions as doggy care-givers, we are responsible for ensuring that their diets are both satisfying and healthy: This means feeding them high-quality food. After all, if you ate the same thing three times a day, every day of your life, you’d want it to be something delicious and healthy too. Dogs will thrive best, live the longest and be the happiest on high-quality food. 

Similar to us, dogs have different needs and food sensitivities. Your dog may merely seem fussy but they may also have allergies or intolerances, which can cause skin irritation, stomach problems and vomiting. It can be tricky to pinpoint what exactly has caused the allergic reaction, but by removing the risk of it being food, you are reducing the likelihood of a continuing reaction.

This is where we come in. With over 50% meat in all 18 varieties, each of our hypoallergenic dog food recipes has been specially optimised to deliver nutrition tailored to your dog’s health needs, no matter their age, breed or lifestyle. We cater to puppies, adults, seniors, small-breeds and, some of our recipes cater to dogs following the 80/20 diet. We created these recipes because we are all genuine animal-lovers who want to give dogs the lives and meals they deserve. 

What is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Hypoallergenic dog food is made without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Our dog food is free from grain and other common allergens, made instead with sweet potato, vegetables and high levels of meat, meaning it will be high in vitamins and amino acids, making it tasty as well as nutritious! Even the most sensitive of dogs will love our food.   

Feeding your dog a high-quality hypoallergenic diet has the potential to eliminate a variety of health issues including: colitis, blocked anal glands, obesity, ear infections, heart problems, indigestion and dermatitis. After switching to a new food, the changes can take between 10 and 12 weeks to take place. Consult a vet if you have further concerns after this period. 

When switching to Edmondson’s dog food, make sure you do this gradually over the course of a week to ensure that they can get used to the new diet.